Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why a Daughter Needs a Dad

by Gregory E. Lang
The following is a letter my dad included in a book “Why a Daughter Needs a Dad, 100 Reasons” by Gregory E. Lang he gave to me for my 37th birthday, 2003. He wrote a lot of letters. I've kept every one.
He wrote...

Dear Lisa,
The cows caught my eye because of your collection then I read it and felt the sentiment was down deep especially within artists, excluding yourself. I don't know about running with a wilder herd but I've sure cut fences and ran to the wind.
I choked up a few times reading the book. I saw myself failing you in some things expressed that had been in my heart but not expressed to you or done.
You may be a woman of thirty-seven years but you're still a daughter that it's not too late to say, as you told me, I respect and admire your honesty and straightforwardness even though it can sometimes make the road of life rough.

It's a long road and I think the most important thing is to have lived it true to the self within. 
Try to keep a balance in your life. 
I love you with all my heart and wish you all the happiness you so deserve. 
Happy Birthday,
Love Always and Forever,

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Another Tip Line via Newly Hired PI

When dad went missing, I was pregnant with my daughter in 2006. He went missing before I could let him know. Now my daughter is 9 years old and my son is 5 years old. Dad has a total of 5 adult kids. My brother, Ryan & I from the same mom, and our step siblings, Scott, Brad & Darla from a different mom.

So for 10+ years I have had his missing case on my shoulders and I'm sure on my brother's and sister too. Plus I've been raising a family. Although October 22, 2015 the father of my kids and I divorced.

I hired a PI in 2008 but got screwed. I made the mistake of doing a google search for PI's in Northern Ca. Well, I lost my retainer fee & tried to get it back. Since then, I have been reluctant to hire another PI, plus I have not had the funds until now.

Well I really don't have the total funds but enough for a retainer. To help please fund our search for Dad, please click on the following link: Go Fund Me. This time I was smart and got the advice and a referral from Jerrie Dean of Missing in America.

So, here we are, September 2, 2016. I hired a new PI but they would like to stay anonymous. They are not after fame and admire them for that. Until I have solid, new information to share, I will. In the meantime, they have provided another Tip Line, 707.271.0616. It is NOT associated with the Mendocino County Sheriff's Tip Line.