Saturday, September 3, 2016

Another Tip Line via Newly Hired PI

When dad went missing, I was pregnant with my daughter in 2006. He went missing before I could let him know. Now my daughter is 9 years old and my son is 5 years old. Dad has a total of 5 adult kids. My brother, Ryan & I from the same mom, and our step siblings, Scott, Brad & Darla from a different mom.

So for 10+ years I have had his missing case on my shoulders and I'm sure on my brother's and sister too. Plus I've been raising a family. Although October 22, 2015 the father of my kids and I divorced.

I hired a PI in 2008 but got screwed. I made the mistake of doing a google search for PI's in Northern Ca. Well, I lost my retainer fee & tried to get it back. Since then, I have been reluctant to hire another PI, plus I have not had the funds until now.

Well I really don't have the total funds but enough for a retainer. To help please fund our search for Dad, please click on the following link: Go Fund Me. This time I was smart and got the advice and a referral from Jerrie Dean of Missing in America.

So, here we are, September 2, 2016. I hired a new PI but they would like to stay anonymous. They are not after fame and admire them for that. Until I have solid, new information to share, I will. In the meantime, they have provided another Tip Line, 707.271.0616. It is NOT associated with the Mendocino County Sheriff's Tip Line.

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Rose said...

Not ready yet to be back full force, but soon Lisa. Your Dad never leaves my mind.