Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why a Daughter Needs a Dad

by Gregory E. Lang
The following is a letter my dad included in a book “Why a Daughter Needs a Dad, 100 Reasons” by Gregory E. Lang he gave to me for my 37th birthday, 2003. He wrote a lot of letters. I've kept every one.
He wrote...

Dear Lisa,
The cows caught my eye because of your collection then I read it and felt the sentiment was down deep especially within artists, excluding yourself. I don't know about running with a wilder herd but I've sure cut fences and ran to the wind.
I choked up a few times reading the book. I saw myself failing you in some things expressed that had been in my heart but not expressed to you or done.
You may be a woman of thirty-seven years but you're still a daughter that it's not too late to say, as you told me, I respect and admire your honesty and straightforwardness even though it can sometimes make the road of life rough.

It's a long road and I think the most important thing is to have lived it true to the self within. 
Try to keep a balance in your life. 
I love you with all my heart and wish you all the happiness you so deserve. 
Happy Birthday,
Love Always and Forever,

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