Friday, April 14, 2017

Today, 11 Years Missing

Some facts / thoughts that my readers may not know.

Dad went missing the same year my daughter Lillian was born. I didn't have a chance to tell him I was pregnant with her before he went missing.

He also went missing in April, my birth month. I gave him David as his middle name 7 my ex agreed, after dad. This is such a hard month in so many ways.

I sometimes think what my life would be like if dad was still here? Would I be a happier person? Would I not be so uptight? Would people like me better? etc.

Something that seems remarkable to me is my daughter. She is 10. But is very aware of her other Grandpa. But she has never met him.

My son who was born in 2010 has David as his middle name in honor of dad. I ain't going to lie but I secretly hoped our 2nd was a boy so we could name him after dad. I didn't want David to be his first name because that would be too painful.

We are not religious but I have always had an alter for dad. Even in the rental last year. I light a candle on April 14th every year. The day he went missing but foul play is suspected.

I'm just starting to make dad's blog more active. That is why this post is so late.

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