Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day!

©David V. Neily, 1972

In honor of Mother’s Day, our dad drew the image at right, for our mom, approx. 1972. The mother and baby are unknown.

My parents divorced a year later when I was 7 and I thought this drawing was gone forever.

My mom gave it to me, 1 month before my daughter Lillian was born in 2006.

I didn't really appreciate his talent back when I was younger. I just took it for granted.

But as an adult and especially since he has been missing, I'm so thankful I have several drawings by him.

My brother, Ryan is also very creative at Copper Neily Creations. I earned a degree in Graphic Design but started a family instead of pursuing it further.

And even now, I see my kids being very creative. Lillian (age 10) with her drawing and Landon (age 6) with his drawing and “inventions”.

This is dad's legacy.

Love you Dad & miss you so much!

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